May 16, 2017

How do I install the Outdeco Garden Screens?

Outdeco garden screens are easy to instal. Fix at 300mm intervals around the boarder of each panel. You can use timber screws, nails or pop rivets if you are fixing to a metal frame like RHS.


Large brads or small nails in a nail gun can be carefully fired with a rubber stop, to leave inconspicuous pin hole fixings (head just on or below surface). Alternatively small nails can be used with a careful hammer. Pre-drill a slightly undersized hole first to neat locate your nail and prevent blistering or blowing the surface. Use galvanised nails.


Timber screws are the most mechanically sound fixing, and can be simple and neat. Pre-drill slightly oversized holes through the screen panel, so you can neatly position the screws in centre of border, and so the screw does not force and blister the surface. When driving with a electric driver, drive the last part of the screw home gently, so the head pulls up tight to the surface, but doesn’t pull into the screen panel. You can use countersunk (like a decking screw) or a screw with a flat back of the head (like a button-head) used for fixing sheet metal or other materials. Use galvanised, stainless steel, or other outdoor grade.


You can also use a construction adhesive like Sikaflex 11C, however in many applications it may require reinforcement of a physical fixing. Ensure raw material is exposed for bond and is clean and clear of dust, paint oil or water. Use a large bead (or double bead) to ensure maximum interfacing area, and mechanically fix or clamp whilst bonding.

For more specific scenarios, like fixing into an existing brick wall, Bunnings Warehouse have a broad range of specific fixings for your job.

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