May 16, 2017

Are Perth Garden Screens easy to use?

The Perth Outdeco Garden Screens are lightweight and easy to handle.

The garden screens are between 4 to 5 kg and easy to pick up by one person and you can simply put them in your car to take home. Outdeco screens are strong and sturdy and can be installed by one person on their own.

The garden screens come in 3 sizes:
1200x600mm Project Panel,

1800x600mm Long Panel and

1800×1200 Large Panel.

Because of the design of the garden screens, you can create an installation of any size, orientating and repeating the pattern as desired.

The board is denser and harder than MDF and finer than chipboard, but will cut similarly. You can cut with a circular saw, jigsaw or other common woodworking tools and techniques. To cut a straight edge with a circular saw or jigsaw, mark and clamp a piece of straight timber along the line (allowing for inset distance of the blade to the guard plate) then push the saw along the timber edge using it as a fence.

The garden Screens are easily fixed to a frame. Fix at 300mm intervals around the boarder of each panel. You can use timber screws, nails or pop rivets if you are fixing to a metal frame like RHS.

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