Perth Garden Screens offers a wide range alternative ways you can use the versatile OUTDeco screening panels. Not only are they available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1.2m x 0.6m to 1.8m x 1.2m, there are now 19 different screens to available to choose from. Our in house design & installation team can help you select the right screening profile to suit your garden as well as offering a full 3D design for large feature walls. Please view ‘Unique Screening Solutions’ and ‘Additional Solutions & Options’ below, for more information on the services we provide.


Our Services

Perth Garden Screens offers a number of unique services for any of your outdoor screening needs.

  1. On site consultation & measure up

    INEX Pro are the only OUTDeco supplier in perth who offers a full supply & professional installation service. During the initial on site consultation & measure up, we will discuss the different options available to our clients and recommend what we see as the being best solution.

  2. Profile selection & lighting solutions

    There are now 19 different screening profiles in 3 different sizes available to choose from. Depending on what our clients are wanting to achieve by using the OUTDECO screens, choosing the correct profile is key to the maximise the overall effect and finished product. Please see “OUTDECO SCREENS” for more information of screen options.

    The OUTDECO screens not only looks great during the day, but the can look even better at night if accompanied by LED strip lighting to really add a wow factor to your feature wall. We also offer a variety of lighting options to suit every project.

  3. Design & quote your entire screening solution

    INEX Pro offers a full 2D & 3D design option for large and complex screened walls, supplying the client with a clear view of what the screen will look like once installed as well and providing the Installation team construction & layout plans. The design process allows our clients to discover the additional options we offer, some of which include hidden strip lighting, custom paint work & backing options.

    In some cases a design is not always required. This will be discussed during the initial onsite consultation depending on the individual project.

  4. Design presentations

    Our design process really helps our clients to visualise the final product when combining the OUTDECO screens with other feature options we offer, for example vertical garden walls, timber screening, custom paint work etc. If our clients have something in particular they would like to achieve or incorporate in the design, we will try our best to make it happen and work out an achievable solution.

  5. Professional Installation Services

    Our professional screening installers are full time employee’s of INEX Pro Perth Garden Screens and provide an exceptional finished product to every project.

Unique Screening Solutions

Just some of the many ways in which the OUTDECO screens can be used and installed:

  • Creative Feature walls small & Large
  • Retaining Garden beds
  • Single feature screens
  • Alfresco and Patio Ceiling panels
  • Fencing & Boundary screening
  • Garden wall Divisions
  • Privacy Screening
  • Wall Infills
  • Pool Filter Enclosures
  • Bench seating & Pool blankets enclosures
  • Garden shed screening
  • Garden Walls & Partitions
  • Pool Water Feature cladding
  • Bin storage screening
  • Used within Vertical garden walls/herb & veggie vertical beds

Additional Solutions & Options

As part of the greater screening solution we can provide a number of extra features during installation including:

  • Lighting Options- Feature spot light & LED Strip /Box lighting
  • Garden Misting systems
  • Screening Backings (suitable more so for 60% & 80% profiles)
  • Painted Screens. Screens to be custom painted.
  • LED Strip lighting
  • Spike light/Spot lights, lighting the screens from in front
  • Bulb/Colour choices, I.e Blue, bright white, soft light etc, multi coloured

What is the process from here?

Step 1

Decide if you would like to go it alone with a DIY install or call upon our professional services for a complete A to Z solution.

Step 2

For the DIY installers simply browse the range of OUTDECO screens below and contact us with your order preferences.

Step 3

If you would like a complete garden screen solution contact us below and we will arrange a time to measure and discuss your individual needs.

Step 4

Once contracted to solve your screening needs we can supply detailed plans, 3D designs and pricing for you to choose from.

Step 5

Finally we supply all parts required and one of our professional installers completes your dream garden screen solution!

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